Google Code Jam Qualification Round 2021 was an amazing learning experience.

The Contest started on 26-03-2021 in Evening at 6:30 p.m.
I started solving the Contest with an aim to score 30 points. Honestly, I had no intentions of solving extra problems or improving my rank.

But, surprisingly I ended…

Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows, a program by Google and Talentsprint, to identify young women talent and develop them into highly competitive professionals for global tech industry.


Women Students currently in the first year of engineering

  • Degrees: B.E., B.Tech
  • Streams: IT, CS or equivalent
  • Grade: Over 70% in both X…

Google organizes various coding competitions throughout the year, to enthrall, challenge, and test coders around the world. I am sharing the details of the different coding challenges, and how to approach them. Whatever I write here, is solely my personal experience and no facts. …

I myself am a beginner in Competitive Programming, and what I write here is solely on basis of my personal experience. Though this worked for me, but I’ll advice the readers to do what suits them the best.

First Step
Learn a Programming Language (C++, Java and Python( for small problems)…

Career is like a pastry shop with cakes and pastries, dark chocolate, white vanilla, Choco fudge and else and else. The choice is ours whether to choose just anyone of them or to choose the one that thrills our taste buds with additional icing…

Life is like a red cherry cake, people come, take a bite, say “WOW” and go. They never wonder, that for the cake to become a “Wow”, it had to go through an enormous heating of an oven, a chilly temperature in a freezer and finally the icing. Same goes for an individual and life….

Satakshi Garg

Google WTEF Scholar | Java Nerd | AR-VR Maniac | Python Fanatic | Cyber Security Enthusiast | Budding Android Developer

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