After I failed my Google STEP Interview..

Satakshi Garg
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

Though it’s an unplanned article, has nothing to do with my Internship Interview Experience series, however I thought of writing down this article for my fellow juniors who have just participated in Google STEP Interviews and received rejections.

Last year, I had a similar experience. However, let’s talk about present.

  1. Founder of Peer Programming Hub
  2. Interned with Koo (Indian Twitter, Winner of India’s Atmanirbhar Mission)
  3. Interned with Swiggy
  4. Guest Speaker at IIT Indore and few other colleges
  5. Interning at ShareChat
  6. MLH Top 50 — Only Student from India from 2023 batch
  7. GDSC Lead

Today, when I look back at that rejection, I believe that it has been the best thing that happened with me. I would have never grown so much if I would have passed that interview. Success is good, but at the right time. If it comes early, it has its own cons.

I prefer failure instead. Atleast, I will introspect myself and improve. I am writing down few things that helped me immensely. I hope it helps you.

  1. I started writing down each success in mobile notes(even a small project or a participation in a competition). That note screen is the first screen that pops up when I switch on my mobile. This always motivates me to perform better and makes me realise my worth. Even if I ever felt that, “Oh! I was rejected", I knew that I have already done so many new and great things and I am growing.
  2. Talked to various Google Recruiters on LinkedIn. Those interactions not only helped me build my network and get referrals, but helped me understand why I wanted to be a Googler. I discovered my skill of debugging during these interactions.
  3. Besides, I talked to employees from various other companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, CodeNation, Sprinklr etc. It motivated me a lot as I was growing my network and discovering my skills.
  4. Always believed in myself. Might sound very simple, common phrase. But, I never considered any failure in my life as something I didn’t deserve. For me, it’s either not the right time, or the other party’s loss. Because I believe I am unique and born to be great 🙈
  5. Founded Peer Programming Hub. This was a life changer. It wasn’t planned, but Peer Programming Hub reminded me of the Leadership traits I was known for in my school life.
  6. Interned under startups. I would thank my younger brother for his valuable advise. He said, that if you aren’t able to get what’s the best in the world, atleast take what’s better than your current situation. Every experience helps you grow and eventually you will get what you want. ( It reminded me of the famous dialogue from Yeh Jawaani hai deewani “Main udna chahta hoon🦸, daudna chahta hoon💃, girna bhi chahta hoon🤸; bus rukna nahi chahta")

I don’t say that follow everything I wrote. But, do what your heart says is right. “Bas rukna nhi hai..



Satakshi Garg

CSE Student | ex-Civo | ex-Amazon | ex-ShareChat | ex-Swiggy | Google WE Cohort -2 | Founder Peer Programming Hub | MLH Top 50 2021 | Google DSC JIIT Lead 2021