Amazon SDE Summer Internship — Interview Experience

Satakshi Garg
3 min readApr 22, 2022

Hi all 👋🏻

I am back with another interview experience. It is Amazon India. I’ll be interning with Amazon Bangalore in the coming Summer.

Selection Status : ✅

Offer Accepted : ✅

Interview Experience :

Recruitment Experience : Could be improved

Selection Stages

  • Application Process
  • Online Assessment-1
  • Online Assessment-2
  • Interview Round

Application Process

It was a really simple process. I applied without any referral on the Amazon WOW website attaching my resume.

Online Assessment — 1

I suppose everyone who applied received the link to the OA. This was an MCQ based round on Computer Fundamentals. Questions were divided into different categories like Linux Fundamentals, Networks, Database, Programming, OOP, Software Testing and DSA. We could shuffle among different sections.

Difficulty of the questions was easy to medium. However, the difficult part was that it tested the knowledge of all the different subjects.

I was confident about Linux, Database, Programming, OOP & DSA as I had worked on all of them before either for projects or for college curriculum. Networks and Software Testing was something different. So, I had a clear focus on my domains, I didn’t think about the other 2 domains until I had completely solved questions from my known categories. Focus on your strengths rather than cry over your weaknesses. We can always turn our weaknesses to our strengths by working harder.

Online Assessment — 2

This round had 4 sections.

  • Coding Round — 2 questions were given. Difficulty was between Leetcode Medium to Hard.
  • Code Debugging Round — This was my favourite part. I genuinely enjoy debugging codes so I enjoyed it.
  • Logical Reasoning — Basic Logical questions were asked.
  • Behavioural Questions — Questions were asked to test if our work principles go along with Amazon’s work culture.

This round was really interesting as it actually tested our capabilities as a Software developer.

Interview Round

After the online rounds, I received a link from Amazon to schedule my interviews. My advise would be to schedule it as early as possible. I scheduled it after 2 weeks of receiving the invite, in the month of September, and it was scheduled in October last week. Besides, the girls who appeared for the interview in first half of September received the response within first 5 days. It took months for others to receive responses.

Interview was held on Amazon Chime, which is Amazon’s own platform for meetings. There were 2 interviewers. I was asked for my introduction, and then we jumped to the DSA part. I was asked 2 questions. I can rate them to Leetcode Easy to Medium level questions. We finished solving questions and discussion within 45 minutes. Then the interviewers talked with me about my projects and work experiences.


Amazon took too long to send the results. At one point I thought maybe Amazon has forgotten that I interviewed with them. I guess it was after 2–3 months of my interview that I received the results.

Never mind, Amazon can always improve.

Finally, I am joining Amazon Bangalore as an SDE Intern in the coming Summers 🥳. Hoping to have an amazing experience !!



Satakshi Garg

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