Google Coding Competitions

Satakshi Garg
3 min readNov 18, 2020

Google organizes various coding competitions throughout the year, to enthrall, challenge, and test coders around the world. I am sharing the details of the different coding challenges, and how to approach them. Whatever I write here, is solely my personal experience and no facts. So, in case, you think you have a better approach, feel free to share that.

  1. Google Hash Code

This is the only team based coding competition, that Google organizes. The beauty of the contest is, that, it is open to every programming lover, be it a student or a professional. Secondly, a team can be formed with individuals from any part of the world, from any university, which gives an opportunity to different communities to connect.

There’s an initial qualification round. Though this round is hosted online, teams can come together virtually to compete side-by-side in locally coordinated Hash Code Hubs. The top teams from this round are invited to join us for the virtual World Finals.

Registrations start : Jan 7, 2021

2. Google Code Jam

Google Code Jam is the longest running coding competition by Google. Contestants advance through four online-hosted rounds to compete at the annual Code Jam World Finals that is held at a different international Google office each year.

Qualifications Round is 27 hours long challenge. Qualified contestants advance to round 1, which has 3 sub-rounds. The top 1500 among each of the sub-round move to the 2nd round. These top 1,000 contestants in Round 2 advance to Online Round 3 and top 25 of Round 3 head towards the World Finals. Each round requires a minimum score to qualify for the next round.

Registrations : Feb 17, 2021

3. Google Kick start

There are 8 Kick start rounds organised by Google in a year. Each round is a 3 hour coding challenge, wherein you compete with coders all around the world. Each round is independent of the other round, and you may participate in any of the rounds, as per your time convenience.

How to Approach ?

Before jumping into a contest directly, I would advice you to go through the archive problems, which are available the contest website. The contests are not so difficult,they are almost similar to the problems of Codeforces or Codechef Rounds. Just the problem solving environment changes.

That’s it. Again all I wrote here is purely my experience. I hope it clears all your doubts. All the best !



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