Google WTEF Program(Google WE)

Satakshi Garg
3 min readNov 18, 2020


This experience is purely on the basis of 2019 Cohort. There may be updates in the upcoming cohort policies.

Google Women Engineers Fellowship program is a professional training program conducted by TalentSprint and supported by Google. Precisely, TalentSprint provides the technical training and Google provides mentorship to the selected candidates.

Program Structure

  • 2 year long virtual program(was supposed to be conducted in Hyderabad, but turned virtual due to the pandemic)
  • 2 Lakhs INR Cash Fellowship
  • 1 meetup in Hyderabad.
  • Continuous support.
  • Amazing Community.


Women Students in the first year of engineering

  • Degrees: B.E., B.Tech
  • Streams: IT, CS or equivalent
  • Grade: Over 70% in both X and XII

Selection Process

  1. Online Application
    We had to fill an online form with our resume attached. There were few essay type questions regarding our interest in technology and program. After 10 days I received the link for the aptitude round.
  2. Online Aptitude
    It was an MCQ based test with common aptitude based questions. They were the most basic aptitude questions you can expect in any exam. Duration was 60 minutes. Tricky part was that it was conducted on AI-proctored Mettl platform 🧐. So, even when you had to solve questions in a notebook, you had to be careful. After 5 days I received the mail for the next round.
  3. English Language Skills Test
    It was a 55 minute long round conducted on Versant Platform. It was a unique test to be honest 🙃. It wasn’t a regular Grammar based MCQ round, we were judged on our writing, speaking, listening and grammar skills altogether. There was a section where we had to speak out what was written on the screen and a section where we had to type what the system spoke. After 5 days again, I received details regarding the next round.
  4. Online Learning
    It was a 3-day long training by TalentSprint mentors to train us in Python programming language. It was NOT a selection/rejection phase. It was a resource provided to us to give our best.
  5. Online Coding Assessment 👩🏻‍💻
    After about a week from the English Language Skills Test, the online coding test was scheduled. I don’t remember exactly, but the test was either 2 or 3 hr long. There were 2 sections — multiple MCQs based on Python programming and Coding Round. No other programming language was allowed. Coding Round had 3 questions. Difficulty range was perfect for first year students. Basic knowledge of Python lists, strings and knowledge of data structures (Stacks & Queues at max) is enough.
  6. Online Interview
    The next day itself I received the mail for an invite to the interview round. The interview was scheduled after 7 days from online coding round. It was a 30 minute long round on Zoom.
    Story Time — When I joined the meet, my mic stopped working. For around 10 minutes we were figuring out what to do. Then the interviewers called me on my phone, and a video call on Zoom(without audio).
    I was 2 basic aptitude questions. The interviewers had a record of my performance in Online Coding Round, so they were highly impressed with it, and just asked 1 question related to my approach I used for solving the most difficult question of the coding round. Remaining interview was behavioural questions type. I was asked about my availability for the Hyderabad based Cohort(which never happened 😅). I was asked questions like, why do I want to be a part of the program, what makes me appropriate etc. etc.
  7. Enrolment
    I received the selection mail after 4 days 🥳.

That’s not it. After enrolment, we went through a rigorous training of 2 months, and on the basis of our performance in sessions, attendance and assessment score, 126 out of 150 enrolled women engineers were finalised.

The program is a great opportunity, but that’s not it. Google has immense opportunities for every race, caste, gender. The site shown below gives a detail of various opportunities at Google.

Additionally, Google keeps organizing various events for students to explore opportunities at Google. Here’s the link to check various ongoing and upcoming events.

I hope that I could help you and clear your doubts and confusions.



Satakshi Garg

CSE Student | ex-Civo | ex-Amazon | ex-ShareChat | ex-Swiggy | Google WE Cohort -2 | Founder Peer Programming Hub | MLH Top 50 2021 | Google DSC JIIT Lead 2021