Meta(Facebook) Internship Interview Experience — Off Campus

Satakshi Garg
5 min readFeb 26, 2022

Hi all 🙋🏻‍♂️

I am back with another interview experience. This time it’s Meta London for 2 profiles — Capacity and Performance Engineering Internship and Production Engineering Internship.

Selection Status : ❌

Offer Accepted : ❌

Interview Experience : 💚💚💚💚

My Profile while applying

  • 3rd Year student pursuing BTech. in CSE from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.
  • Women Engineering Fellow at Google
  • Founder of Peer Programming Hub
  • MLH Top 50 Class 2021.
  • Past internship experience with Swiggy, Koo App and HoVAR Labs (had not joined ShareChat)
  • Problem Solver

How I applied ?

I had applied for few internship openings at Meta London on their career portal through a referral. However, after receiving no response for 2 weeks, I decided to approach the recruiters directly. I texted around 10–20 technical recruiters on LinkedIn as well as through mail.
Within 2 days, I received response on LinkedIn from a recruiter that my profile has been shared with an appropriate recruiter. Within 3–4 hours I received a mail from a different recruiter, that I was being considered for the interview process for Capacity and Performance Engineering Internship at Meta London.

Different Stages of Selection Process

  • Screening — Capacity and Performance Engineering Internship
  • Telephonic Round — Capacity and Performance Engineering Internship
  • Online Assessment — Production Engineering Internship
  • Telephonic Round — Production Engineering Internship
  • Systems Round (Final Round)

Screening — Capacity and Performance Engineering Internship

The recruiter contacted me through mail and asked me few questions. The questions were basic questions regarding my availability for the internship and my technical stack. It had nothing technical or coding related.
After few hours, I received a mail to fill my availability for the interviews 🥳

Telephonic Round— Capacity and Performance Engineering Internship

The interview was a 45-minute long interview on Zoom. Meta uses as a common document for coding questions.

My interview was scheduled at 11:30 p.m. IST(it was an interesting experience, as I didn’t have to ask my family to stay silent for an hour 😉)

The interviewer was extremely polite. There was a network error with our zoom, so we decided to do it over phone. So, actually it was a telephonic interview in my case.

I was asked for a quick intro, the interviewer introduced himself and his work profile and explained me how to use coderpad for the interview and the flow of the entire interview round. This took around 10–15 minutes.

My first question was presented on the screen. It was a Leetcode Medium level question on String manipulation and Stacks. I was able to come up with the solution just after listening to the question. I explained my approach. Interviewer was very satisfied. However, it took me extremely long to code it. I finished coding it in the 35 minutes left.

But, Meta expects us to solve atleast 2 questions. So, I wasn’t expecting any selection this time. However, I knew that the interviewer was very impressed as he realised that I was clear with the concepts, but got confused in the coding part.

Online Assessment — Production Engineering Internship

After about 10–15 days, I received a mail from a different recruiter approaching me for a different profile this time. Recruiter told me that they had a conversation with my previous recruiter and my telephonic round went pretty well. They asked me if I was interested in interviewing for Production Engineering Intern in London, then I should clear an online assessment based on Linux.

The exercise contained a combination of 20 MCQ. Each question had one correct answer. We had a maximum of 18 minutes to complete the exercise.

After 2 days, I received a mail from the recruiter asking for my availability for the interview 😈

Telephonic Round — Production Engineering Internship

This was again a 45-minute interview round, using Zoom and However, this was very different.

The interviewer was just amazing. I respect Meta for the quality of interviewers they have.

I entered the meet and the interviewer introduced himself and the platform to me. Now comes the best part, the interviewer said, “I just needs a solution to the question. It doesn’t need to be the best approach, I need to check your logical ability and we can always optimise it together using StackOverflow.” This statement was a surprise for me. I hope all companies develop such mentality.

I was asked 2 questions during the interview. Both were Leetcode Easy-Medium level questions. I was able to give the best approach within 25 minutes of the entire interview+ 10 minutes of introduction.

We were still left with 10 minutes. We had a fun conversation regarding Meta culture.

Systems Round (Final Round)

The next day after the Telephonic Round, I received the mail from the Recruiter to schedule my final interview. It was supposed to be a Systems Round(Operating Systems and Linux Administration).

My interview was scheduled exactly after 15 days. I started preparing very hard for it. Few resources I used for the interview prep were :

  1. Gate Smashers videos on Operation Systems
  2. Leetcode and Glassdoor past questions from the Discussion forum
  3. ( an amazing repo to consider)
  4. ( Best comic book I ever read)

I appeared for the interview. It was a 45-minute long interview. It was more like a viva, I wasn’t required to type anything. As per the policy, I would not disclose questions.

However, you need in depth detail of Linux Operating System. Don’t expect one word answer questions. You need to understand each and every concept. My interviewer was from Ireland. I faced difficulty in understanding the accent and most of the times I was saying Sorry and Pardon 🙈

The interview went well, but I knew it wasn’t amazing enough that I will clear it.

As expected, I received my rejection mail after 15 days. However, an amazing learning and experience. Feel fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to become a part of such an amazing recruitment process.

How was the Recruitment Process ?

Brilliant!! The best so far…

The recruiters were so polite, interviewers were amazing, and the selection process and evaluation criteria was well planned. Everything happens so fairly, you won’t regret interviewing at Meta.

Hope they continue the same brilliancy…



Satakshi Garg

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