Netflix SWE Intern Online Assessment Cleared…

Satakshi Garg
2 min readMar 29, 2022


Hey all 👋

I am back with another article, this time it’s Netflix OA for SWE Summer Internship for California, US.

Result Status : ✔️

Test Experience: ✔️

I was successful in clearing the Online Assessment Round, however the team had already hired desired candidates 😔. As per the mail, the team has saved my profile for future internships. I am not sure if that actually works…

How I applied ?

I applied online through career portal with NO referral. If you have read my previous articles, you might be knowing that I never apply using career portals, but this time it was unplanned.

Story Time

I actually had no intention of applying to Netflix that too California 😆 However, one day I was working on my resume and wanted to build a resume that would be shortlisted by companies even without a referral. So, I was using different resume text formats and applying to different international companies, just to verify my resume 🙈

This is how my resume got shortlisted by Netflix.

Screening Process

After applying I received a mail from Netflix to update my resume and few details. I suppose this is a step everyone who applies to Netflix has to follow as I applied for 2 different positions and received a mail to complete my profile for both the profiles.

Online Assessment

After 1 day of screening I received the link to the Online Assessment.

Duration: 70 minutes
Total Questions: 4

Platform: CodeSignal

Difficulty in terms of Leetcode problems : Easy, Medium, Medium, Hard

However, irrespective of the difficulty, every question had a score of 300.

Score Distribution and my Score

Problem A : 300/300

Problem B : 300/300

Problem C : 300/300

Problem D : 10/300

Code Writing Skills : 68/100
Problem Solving Skills : 57/100
Speed : 75/100

Besides, I had actually written the correct code for D problem as well. However, I couldn’t run/submit it on time. So I have considered the score of my submitted attempt in this report.

Overall Feedback

Improvements Required: The Recruitment process could be a lot quicker. It took the team 2 months to send me the mail.

It was a well designed test. 70 minutes might seem difficult, but they are appropriate for the questions.



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