Uber SWE Internship Interview Round Invitation — OffCampus

Satakshi Garg
3 min readApr 9, 2022

Hey all 👋

Here’s another experience on how I received the interview invite from Uber for SWE Summer Internship.

Selection Status: ✔️

Interview Invite : ✔️ (Couldn’t appear for the interview as I was quarantined at that time 🥲)

OA Experience: ✔️

Application Process

Like all my other applications, this again was an OffCampus opportunity. Uber released the openings for Summer Internships online and I applied to it with a referral.

OA Invite

Uber had sent the OA invite to only the selected candidates on the basis of the resume. So, you must have a good resume for getting the OA invite.

In my case, I was fortunate to have received 2 invites on 2 separate accounts, one from the Uber India Senior Technical Recruiter(I had sent my resume to the team around 3–4 months before the application process randomly)

And the other invite was a result of the application I filled using the referral.

I accepted the invite I received through the employee referral and informed the recruiter about the same.

Online Coding Assessment

Uber’s Coding round was distributed in 2 batches. One batch of students were alloted the test window from 8:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m. and second batch was alloted a different window on the same day (not sure about the timings 😅)

There were 3 questions in the test. Difficulty of the questions can be categorised as Leetcode Medium, Leetcode Medium and Leetcode Hard.

I solved 1 Leetcode Medium and 1 Leetcode Hard completely (specifically speaking the B & C problems completely) and I could solve the third problem partially.

A — Partially

B — Solved Completely

C — Solved Completely

Interview Invite

After 4 days I was shortlisted 🥳 among the top 95 students from 10,000+ applicants for the interview. (Not really sure if 95 students were all for Summer Internship or if that included 6-month Internship as well)

Unfortunately I couldn’t appear for the interviews so cannot share that experience. However few details I received in the email that can help you prepare are here.

Uber conducts and completes the hiring drive in just 1 day. You have a series of interviews happening 1 after the other on the same day and each interview is an elimination round. I was supposed to have 3 interviews — 2 Technical + 1 HR.

So, prepare yourself accordingly for that 1 day sprint 😈

One question you all would ask me …

Did I tell the recruitment team about my health and what did they do ?

Yes, I informed my recruiter the very day my interviews were scheduled. I did receive a response wishing me better health. However, neither did I expect the interviews to be rescheduled nor were they rescheduled.

Infact, I respect and understand Uber for the decision. Uber dedicates 1 complete day to the intern hiring so that both the team and candidates are sorted and satisfaction as early as possible. Organising that 1 day drive for just 1 candidate is impractical and quite unfeasible.

Hope you enjoyed it 😃



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